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The First Baptist Church of Leominster is an independent reformed Baptist church serving our Lord in the heart of New England by conforming our church life, body, and teaching to the revelation of the Scriptures alone. As a local church we recognize no outside authority than our Lord Jesus, the head of the universal and local church. We stress the sufficiency and completeness of the Bible as "the only sufficient, certain, and infallible rule of all saving knowledge, faith, and obedience." -The Baptist Confession of Faith in 1689

Since we are a reformed church, it is our desire to be always watchful against the traditions of man which creep into the church (Matt. 15:1-6) and evaluate our church government against God's revealed design. We will always be reforming to the Word of God. Our sincere desire is to serve God and His people by providing clear and insightful Biblical knowledge in our preaching and works.

We have a number of ministries through which we seek to serve and glorify God, among them are regular local radio broadcasts, home visits, a food and clothes closet ministry, a Saturday morning men’s Bible study, and regular local access cable TV broadcasts in Leominster, Fitchburg, Gardner, Ayer, Townsend, Ashburnham Westminster, Lancaster, Clinton, Bolton, and Sterling.

We invite you to visit our church! If you have any questions, please call Pastor Lars Larson at (978) 537-2685, or (978) 632-4168.


The Sin of Homosexual Behavior

When I consider the inroad the homosexual promoters have made into our culture in recent years, and more specifically, upon reading of the universal public call to banish Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' from the public forum due to his assertions about this subject, I thought it fitting to affirm the biblical teaching on this matter. First, all sexual activity is sin, except within a biblically sanctioned marriage of a man and woman, whether or not they are Christian. Sexual sin includes all sexual activity, both heterosexual and homosexual sex. God created sex for the purposes of procreation and enjoyment, but only for a husband and wife in a lawful marriage relationship. Co-habitation is sinful and will incur God's judgment of eternal wrath. "Fornicators and adulterers God will judge" (Heb. 13:4). Second, homosexual sex is especially egregious before God. "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them" (Lev. 20:13). Our US is not a theocracy as was ancient Israel, so Christians do not advocate executing homosexuals, or adulterers, for that matter. But this law of Moses does reflect the reality that this sin is heinous before God and it reveals what God thinks that these transgressors of His law deserve. Third, the prevalence of homosexuality in a society is evidence that God has placed that nation under His judgment. Romans 1 reveals that God turns people over to the sin of homosexuality. Sin is the judgment of God upon sin. Fourth, there is hope of salvation from all sin through Jesus Christ alone. Anyone who will be saved from God's wrath on that final great day of judgment, must seek the grace of God to repent, that is, to turn from his sin and to believe on Jesus Christ as Lord. Jesus Christ died in the place of sinners, paying the debt they owe to God's justice, resulting in God being just in justifying guilty sinners (Rom. 3:26). I would urge you to read the sermons that are linked on this page, for they will direct you to the Savior, in whom is joy, peace, and eternal life.

-- Pastor Larson, December19, 2013


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Pastor Lars Larson, PhD

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God's Call to the Public Ministry of His Word

Our pastor's sermon notes on his current series on Isaiah 40 - 55, "The Book of Consolation"

(#1)  Promise of God’s Comfort through the Coming of God (Isa. 40:1-11)
(#2)  Promise of God’s Comfort ... (Isa. 40:1-11) (cont.)
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(#4) The Great God Promises Comfort to His People (Isa. 41:1-29)
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(#6) The First Servant Song (Isa. 42:1-9) (cont.)
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(#8) God's Committment to Save His People by Grace (43:1-7)
(#9) The Redemption and Restoration of Israel from Babylon (43:8-28)
(#10) The Redemption and Restoration of Israel from Babylon (cont.) (44:1-8)
(#11) God’s Denouncement of Idols and their Makers (Isaiah 44:9-20)
(#12) God’s Calling and Commission of Cyrus (44:24-45:13)
(#13) The Conversion of the Nations (45:14-25)


Our pastor's sermon notes on his recent series on "The Providence of God"

#760 - God's Providence (1) The Mystery of Providence (Job 1)
#761 - God's Providence (2) Learning through the Record of God's Providence
#762 - God's Providence (3) Our Good God and His Decree of Evil in History

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#771 - God's Providence (12) God's Providential Dealings with the Nations

Our Pastor's Sermon Notes on
Paul's Epistle to the Romans

#665 - Romans (1); Paul’s Salutation (1:1-7)
#666 - Romans (2); Paul’s Salutation (1:1-7) (cont.)
#667 - Romans (3); Paul’s affection for the church at Rome (1:8-15)
#668 - Romans (4); Paul’s Introduction to his Epistle (1:16, 17)
#669 - Romans (5); Paul’s Introduction to his Epistle (1:16, 17) (cont.)
#670 - Romans (6); God’s Indictment & Dealings with Idolaters (1:18-32)
#671 - Romans (7); God’s Indictment & Dealings with Idolaters (cont.)
#672 - Romans (8); God’s Righteous Judgment (2:1-16)
#673 - Romans (9); The Future Judgment of works (2:6-11)
#674 - Romans (10); The Future Judgment of works (cont.) (2:6-11)
#675 - Romans (11); The True and False Jew (2:17-29)
#676 - Romans (12); The Advantage of having been Jewish (3:1-8)
#677 - Romans (13); The Faithfulness of God (3:1-8)
#*** - Romans (14); (By our elder, David Bodanza) (3:9-20)
#678 - Romans (15); God's Righteousness in the Death of Jesus (3:21-31)
#679 - Romans (16); Implications of Justification through faith (3:27-31)
#680 - Romans (17); Our Father Abraham (part 1) (4:1ff)
#681 - Romans (18); Our Father Abraham (part 2) (4:1-8)
#682 - Romans (19); Our Father Abraham (part 3) (4:9-15)
#683 - Romans (20); Our Father Abraham (part 4) (4:16-25)
#684 - Romans (21); Blessings of Justification (5:1, 2)
#685 - Romans (22); Blessings of Justification (cont.) (5:3-5)
#686 - Romans (23); God's Love for His People (5:6-11)

#687 - Romans (24); The Believer's Reign through Grace (5:12-21)
#688 - Romans (25); Baptism Signifies New Life in Christ (6:1-4)
#689 - Romans (26); Matters about the Believer's Sanctification (6:6-11)
#690 - Romans (27); Paul's use of the Indicative and the imperative (6:6-11)
#691 - Romans (28); Dead to Sin; Alive to God (6:11)

#692 - Romans (29); Instruments of Righteousness (6:12-14)
#693 - Romans (30); Slaves of Righteousness (6:15-23)
#694 - Romans (31); Married to Christ (7:1-6)
#695 - Romans (32); The Law and Sin (1) (7:7-12)
#696 - Romans (33); The Law and Sin (2) (7:13, 14)

#697 - Romans (34); The Law and Sin (3) (7:14-25)
#698 - Romans (35); No Condemnation for the Sanctified (1) (8:1-4)
#699 - Romans (36); No Condemnation for the Sanctified (2) (8:1-8)
#700 - Romans (37); Two Ways of Living; Two Destinies (8:9-11)
#701 - Romans (38); Putting to Death the Deeds of the Body (1) (8:12, 13)
#702 - Romans (39); Putting to Death the Deeds of the Body (2) (8:12-13)
#703 - Romans (40); The Spirit of Adoption (8:12-17)
#704 - Romans (41); Our Future Glorification (8:18)
#705 - Romans (42); The Assurance of Hope (8:18-30)
#706 - Romans (43); The Assurance of Hope (cont.) (8:26-30)
#707 - Romans (44); The Providence of God for His People's Good (8:28)
#708 - Romans (45); God's Foreknowledge of His People (8:29)
#709 - Romans (46); God's Predestination of His People (8:29)
#710 - Romans (47); The Preeminence of Jesus Christ (8:29)
#711 - Romans (48); The Love of God for His Elect (1) (8:31-39)
#712 - Romans (49); The Love of God for His Elect (2) (8:31-39)
#713 - Romans (50); The Love of God for His Elect (3) (8:31-39)

#714 - Romans (51); The Privileges of Israel; The Deity of Christ (9:1-5)
#715 - Romans (52); The Deity of Christ (cont.) (9:5)
#716 - Romans (53); Election & Predestination (part 1) (9:6-13)
#717 - Romans (54); Election & Predestination (part 2) (9:14ff)

#718 - Romans (55); Election & Predestination (part 3) (9:14-28)
#719 - Romans (56); Election & Predestination (part 4) (9:22-29)
#720 - Romans (57); Election & Predestination (part 5) (9:22-29)
#721 - Romans (58); Election & Predestination (part 6) (9:29)
#722 - Romans (59); The Stone of Stumbling (9:30-10:4)
#723 - Romans (60); The Central Role of Faith (10:4)
#724 - Romans (61); What the Law teaches about Faith and Works (1) (10:5ff)
#725 - Romans (62); What the Law teaches about Faith and Works (2) (10:5ff)
#726 - Romans (63); What the Law teaches about Faith and Works (3) (10:5ff)
#727 - Romans (64); The Word of Grace in Salvation (10:14-16)

#728 - Romans (65); Paul’s Use of Isaiah (10:14-16)
#729 - Romans (66); Paul's Use of Isaiah (10:14-16)
#730 - Romans (67); The Fall of Israel (10:14-21)
#731 - Romans (68); The Future Hope of "Israel" (part 1) (11:1-6)
#732 - Romans (69); The Future Hope of "Israel" (part 2) (11:7-32)
#733 - Romans (70); The Glory of God (11:33-36)
#734 - Romans (71); Our Reasonable Worship (12:1f)
#735 - Romans (72); The Beginning of the Transformed Life (12:3-8)
#736 - Romans (73); The Gift of Prophecy (12:3-8)
#737 - Romans (74); The Other Spiritual Gifts (12:6-8)
#738 - Romans (75); Practical Words of Exhortation (part 1) (12:9-21)
#739 - Romans (76); Practical Words of Exhortation (part 2) (12:9-21)
#740 - Romans (77); Practical Words of Exhortation (part 3) (12:9-21)
#741 - Romans (78); Practical Words of Exhortation (part 4) (12:9-21)
#742 - Romans (79); Practical Words of Exhortation (part 5) (12:9-21)
#743 - Romans (80); Practical Words of Exhortation (part 6) (12:9-21)
#744 - Romans (81); Practical Words of Exhortation (part 7) (12:9-21)

#745 - Romans (82); The Christian and the State (13:1-7)
#746 - Romans (83); The Christian and the State (cont.) (13:1-7)
#747 - Romans (84) The Christian and God's Law (13:8-10)
#748 - Romans (85) The Christian and God's Law (cont.) (13:8-10)
#749 - Romans (86) Wake Up Time (13:11-14)
#750 - Romans (87) Do Not Judge Your Brother (14:1-12)
#751 - Romans (88) The Strong Deferring to the Weak (14:13-23)
#752 - Romans (89) All to the Glory of God in the Church (15:1-13)
#753 - Romans (90) Glorifying God Together ( 15:1-13)
#754 - Romans (91) The Priestly Work of Evangelism (15:14-21)
#756 - Romans (92) The High Regard for Servants of Christ (16:1-16)
#757 - Romans (93) Warning Against False Teachers (1) (16:17-20)
#758 - Romans (94) Warning Against False Teachers (2) (16:17-20)
#759 - Romans (95) Paul's Concluding Words and Doxology (16:21-27)

The above links are to our completed series on the Epistle to the Romans


South Africa Pastors' Conference -- 2013
Held in Port Shepstone, Seaview, Phoenix, and Lenasia
January 25-26, 29-30, February 1-2, 5-6

conducted by
Pastor Lars Larson
, First Baptist Church, Leominster, MA, USA

Pastor Doug van Meter, Brackenhurst Baptist Church, Brackendowns, South Africa

Pastor Lars Larson's 5 Sessions:
The Pastor's Task: Making Disciple Makers

1. The Pastor's Task: Making Disciple Makers (Matthew 28:18-20)
2. Making Disciples: Teaching Them to Heed the Words of Jesus (Luke 6:46ff)
3. Making Disciples: Three Would-be Disciples (Luke 9:43-62)
4. Making Disciples: The Narrow Door; Striving to Enter the Kingdom (Luke 13:22-30)
5. Making Disciples: The Cross and Discipleship (Luke 14:25-35)

Pastor Doug van Meter's 5 Sessions:
Becoming Faithful Ministers--Five Essential Tests
of a Pastor's Ministry

(the five "solas" soon to be posted)

1. The Pastor's Mandate: Scripture Alone (2 Timothy 3:1-4:5)
2. The Pastor's Message: Grace Alone (Ephesians 2:1-10)
3. The Pastor's Message: Faith Alone (Romans 3:21-25)
4. The Pastor's Message: Christ Alone (2 Corinthians 4:1-6)
5. The Pastor's Motivation: The Glory of God Alone (Romans 11:34-36)

Service Timesline

Sunday: 9:00 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Worship

Wednesday: 6:30 PM Prayer Meeting

Saturday: 7:30 AM Men's Study

Summer Schedule (July through Labor Day) Sunday: 9:30 AM Worship

Great Sermonsline

Jonathan Edwards

"Justification by Faith Alone"

"The Folly of Looking Back in Fleeing Out of Sodom"

"The Manner in Which the Salvation of the Soul is to be Sought"

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

Charles H. Spurgeon

The Nominal & Careless Christian Three Sermons to awaken and alarm the hard-hearted, unconverted "believer."

J. C. Ryle

Growth in Grace

Duties of Parents

Arthur Pink

Studies on Saving Faith (Part 1)

Studies on Saving Faith (Part 2)

Thomas Watson

The Application of Redemption

The Doctrine of Repentance

Thomas Hooker

The Poor Doubting Christian Drawn to Christ

Other Writingsline

John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress (part 1)

The Pilgrim's Progress (part 2)

Scott Meadows
Free Grace

A message from our Pastor

Spiritually speaking, we live in perilous times. There is little substance of biblical truth being proclaimed and much error being presented in its place. Even in supposed Bible-believing churches a solid biblical presentation of the gospel is rarely heard, although it is assumed everywhere that it is. But in reality only a half-gospel is being proclaimed. It is a gospel which promises pardon for sin, but it is a pardon apart from purity from sin. The Bible speaks of no such salvation. Nevertheless, there are numbers of people who have been taught a gospel which promises salvation upon believing only, without respect to repentance from sin to God and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. One could almost say that evangelicalism as a whole is a product of this kind of gospel. The sum of the matter is this: there are scores of "Christians" who need to be awakened to the fact they are yet in their sins and under the wrath of God. Three particular messages preached by Charles Spurgeon linked above, and linked to again here, were selected to address this nominal and careless Christian.

These three sermons were originally preached by Spurgeon in the years 1876 and 1889. These messages sharply challenge any form of Christianity which promises salvation apart from holiness. Do not be surprised if your own faith is challenged. Spurgeon himself once described full assurance of salvation as God's greatest blessing, but doubting one's salvation is God's second greatest blessing, for the second will lead to the first. The words of these messages may challenge you to such an extent they may cause you alarm. We can only hope they will cause you to seek our Lord Jesus for power to break free from sin's dominion and receive the cleansing that comes freely from His hand.

If these sermons were preached today in most "evangelical" pulpits, and if they were preached by a man who lacked the name respect of Spurgeon, their message would be castigated as heresy, and the preacher would be charged with presenting works-righteousness as the way of salvation. The fact is, that when the nature and content of these sermons are considered in the light of present day concepts of salvation and methods of evangelism, a great disparity becomes evident. These sermons show the contrast between the content of the gospel message as it was once preached and the message of today which is passed off as the gospel. Today, repentance from sin is rarely presented, and if ever it is mentioned, it is rarely portrayed in a manner as it is set forth in these sermons. Today it seems there is a reluctance to command people to repent of sin for salvation for it smacks of works-righteousness as the way of salvation. Preachers of previous generations never thought they were in such danger. They knew and believed that faith alone was the basis of a sinner's justification before God, but they also taught (as does the Bible) that there are other matters that are essential to salvation, without which, one's faith is a sham, mere presumption.

But today, it is assumed that if a person does nothing more than believe that he/she is a sinner, the matter of repentance has been covered. And if one expresses sorrow over sin in addition to that belief, then indeed, it is assumed, a very bright convert has been obtained. But in former days, salvation was never assured to anyone but to those who turned from sin to the extent that sin no longer dominated the life. This signalled that a person had been truly born again and that Christ Jesus had assumed control of the sinner's life.

There is a sorrow over sin which the world passes for repentance but falls short (2 Cor. 7:9, 10), and I fear there are masses of unrepentant "believers" in our evangelical churches, who know only this kind of "repentance." They know what sin is and know who God the Father and Jesus Christ are, but are not moved to turn from their sin. They remain under God's wrath as long as they remain under sin's dominion. These souls have no legitimate biblical basis for assurance (cf. 1 John 3:7, 10; 2 Cor. 13:5), but they remain unchallenged and are even lulled by voices which seek to reinforce their delusions that they have received pardon.

May God have mercy on us and raise up voices which will speak the truth in boldness and plainness of speech, making known these two needful things, REPENTANCE TOWARD GOD, AND FAITH TOWARD OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

-- Pastor Lars Larson, PhD